Let me introduce you to the Seabin Project

The Story

We want everyone out there to know about The Seabin Project and why we contribute a percentage of all sales via our 1% For The Planet membership, to this innovative and forward thinking organisation.

When Seidy and I decided to create a business around compostable mailers and reducing single-use plastic, we knew that our business needed to be multi-dimensional. We were passionate about it being a force for good.

We are both animal lovers (hello, baby Koalas!) so when the 2019/20 bushfires ravaged the East Coast our hearts broke along with the rest of Australia and we knew that forest regeneration was something we had to get behind (more on that here) and while that covered land we also wanted to contribute to the sea.

We also adore Aussie beaches (who doesn't?) and felt passionately about preserving our oceans and marine life (more in this blog on the impact of plastic on our oceans). We really wanted to support an Australian organisation  and after lots of research we decided on The Seabin Project.

So what do they do?

The Seabin Project is exactly that, a ‘Seabin’ that is designed to collect rubbish, oil, fuel and detergents from our Oceans.

It all started when Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinksi, posed the question;

“If we can have rubbish bins on land then why not have them in the water?”

Started from the bottom now we here.

The Seabin Project kicked off in 2014/15 and as at today there are 860 Seabins worldwide in over 50 countries. For anyone that has started a new business, you know that’s some pretty impressive stats!

So how much waste do that many seabins collect?

  • 3,612.8 kgs per day (that’s like 3 full grown hippos!)
  • 1,390,979kgs per year (imagine 1,070 hippos!)

Over time Seabins have continually evolved through research and innovation and now have the ability to capture some of the smallest micro-plastics and are able to absorb petroleum-based surface oils and detergents, items that are in most marinas around the world.

But the reason we love the Seabin Project is not only because they came out with a genius and simple way to clean our Oceans and they continue to improve the technology to capture more and more pollutants, it’s because of the focus on future generations.

What does that mean?

The Seabin foundation has launched a hands on program for schools to teach kids about reducing plastic consumption, recycling and how to design and build new technologies. 

The Seabin Foundation believes in equipping our decision makers of the future (our youth) with knowledge, tools and capabilities today.

How brilliant is that?!

Want to know more?

The above just scratches the surface on everything the Seabin Project and Seabin Foundation work on - from Global Ambassador Projects to incredible new technology to measure and improve Seabin collection data, this is definitely an organisation worth getting behind or simply learning more about.

If you want to learn more, please visit their website https://seabinproject.com/.

And, remember.

Every time you purchase a pack of 100% compostable, eco-friendly Rethink Packaging mailers, you are contributing to this amazing organisation simply by shipping your goods! (You’re also planting trees and saving the world but hey, we don’t like to brag!).

Source: The Seabin Project; https://seabinproject.com/